About the Flute Studio


The University of Idaho is in a beautiful setting nestled in the rolling hills of the Palouse. The Lionel Hampton School of Music is one of the largest and most respected music programs in the northwest and offers students an array of performing and listening experiences. The flute studio admits qualified undergraduate and graduate students who can choose from a number of degree programs. Dr. Leonard Garrison brings a breadth of teaching and performing experience to the flute program and emphasizes a solid foundation in the fundamentals of flute playing in a cooperative learning environment. Weekly studio classes offer a great opportunity for students to share their abilities and knowledge.

Dr. Garrison’s students have won prizes in regional and national competitions and the Lionel Hampton School of Music’s Concerto/Aria Competition and appear frequently in monthly Convocations, which feature the School of Music’s best student performers.

In-state tuition is reasonable, and there are opportunities for music scholarships and graduate assistantships. For residents of others states, the Discover Idaho Award Program and Western Undergraduate Exchange provide reduced tuition.

Please contact the School of Music or Leonard Garrison to schedule a live or recorded audition. For priority scholarship consideration, please check deadlines on the School of Music website. Undergraduates should be prapared to play the following:

  • All major scales, ascending and descending in two octaves in eighth notes, quarter note = 80, memorized, slurred and tongued.
  • Chromatic scale, ascending and descending in three octaves, low C=(below the staff) through high C (above the staff), in sixteenth notes, quarter note = 60, slurred and tongued.
  • Two contrasting selections, either solos or etudes in Level G or above from Selected Flute Repertoire and Studies: A Graded Guide (National Flute Association, Inc.,: 2009). Click here for a repertoire list.